Curvature of Space

Just like the division of calendar era into BC and AD, the Physics era should be divided as Before Einstein and After Einstein. Before him Time was defined but never understood properly and Gravity was understood but never defined properly. His theories changed the way we observe the Universe and opened the door to new studies.

Generally curvature of space due to gravity is explained by placing balls or heavy objects on a Trampoline or rubber sheets. These objects make the sheet as a curved surface by creating a depression where they were placed as shown in the picture below

One of the most famous experiments in physics is the double slit experiment and why is it famous?

According to Richard Feynman, the Nobel Prize-winning Physicst who made remarkable contributions to quantum physics “Double slit experiment is a phenomenon which is impossible to explain in a classical way and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics.

Let’s break down what Richard Feynman meant when he said — impossible to explain in a classical way.

We are not going to discuss the in depth physics of the experiment which is beyond the scope of this article.

To start off…

In the early days of Big Bang three officers Neutron, Proton and Electron founded an Atomic bank. The bank had three booths and each officer sat behind a booth.

Each officer had a unique habit of giving the money when you visited their booth. Officer Proton always used to give the amount in Even number; Officer Electron always used to give amount in Odd number and Officer Neutron always used to give amount based on the type of number you received from the other booths(If you have Odd amount then Officer Neutron used to give in Even amounts and if…

“We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.” -Stephen Hawking

There is always this unanswered question in human brains why are we here? which then leads to, who created this vast infinite universe. Philosophy, Religion and Physics are trying to answer these questions in their own way and people who believe in Physics mostly rest their faith in the great Big Bang that happened thirteen billion years ago.

Although many theories were put forward to explain the origins of…

Vijjeswarapu Surya Teja

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